We often say that the bath is a “midwives epidural” during labour. Many women find that labouring in the tub can help relax your body, reduce pain, provide comfort, help with movement from the buoyancy of the water, reduce risk of severe tearing, and allow a more gentle delivery of the baby. Waterbirth is safe […]

Hospital Bag List

–         Outfit to wear in labour if you want (there will be hospital gowns at the hospital) –         A comfy outfit to wear home –         Lip balm –         Toiletries –         Slippers or flip flops –         Newborn outfit (undershirt, sleeper, socks, hat) –         Newborn hat –         Music speaker if desired –         Phone Charger –         Have the […]

Birth Supplies List

–         A shower curtain or plastic paint tarp to cover the delivery area –         2 Large garbage bags –         Medium sized bowl/ Ice Cream Bucket for the placenta –         8-10 clean washcloths, used for warm perineal compresses –         5-6 Older Towels –         Incontinence pads (puppy pads) –         Soaker Pad (great to use in the bed, […]

Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV2)

If you have a history of HSV2 it is recommended that you take Valcyclovir from 36 weeks until your baby is born. Taking the medication will help to prevent transmission to the baby during the birth. Your midwife can give you a prescription for the medication at your 36 week visit. For more information about […]

Third Stage Info

The third stage of labour includes the time after the baby is born up to the delivery of the placenta. There are 2 options for managing the third stage of labour: Expectant (Physiologic) Management: Your baby will be skin-to-skin with you as soon as they are born with warm blankets placed over you both. This […]