Prenatal Care

Regular prenatal care helps to keep mothers and babies safe and healthy. It is also a time where the midwives and families get to know each other. At each prenatal visit we will answer any questions you may have, go over topics that are specific to that time in pregnancy, offer weight checks (these are optional), take your blood pressure, and listen to your baby’s heart rate. We also offer the current standard of care and recommended blood tests and ultrasounds.

Labour and Birth

During labour a midwife will be with you to help encourage and support you. When you get closer to having the baby a second midwife will come and you will have two midwives at your delivery. We help with position changes, comfort measures, we monitor the well being of the baby and mother, and support the birth of the baby and placenta. After delivery we make sure the newborn and mother are feeling well, check vitals, bleeding, repair the perineum if needed, and help establish a comfortable latch for breastfeeding. We are also known to take pictures and videos if desired, just talk to your midwife about this option (we are by no means professional photographers though)!

Midwives will supply all the medical supplies for out of hospital deliveries, but families are encouraged to have the non medical supplies, see our “Home Birth Supply List”.

Should any concerns arise in labour or postpartum the midwife will arrange transport to the hospital, and call ahead to give a report to the on call Obstetrical team.

Postnatal Care
The midwives will stay with you for around 2 hours after delivery to ensure you and the baby are doing well. Approximately 3-4 home visits will be done in the first week postpartum, depending on individual needs. At the home visits we monitor mother and newborn vitals, check in on mental health, debrief the birth, and provide assistance with breastfeeding if desired. We also offer blood work and testing if needed for the mother and newborn, this will be discussed in person. We then will schedule a 2 and 6 weeks appointment in our clinic. After the 6 week postpartum appointment, we will discharge you back to your family doctor and provide your family doctor with a discharge letter.

Disclaimer: As part of ongoing research to support the numerous benefits that midwifery has to offer not only birthing families but our health care system in general, we are required to record personal information regarding our clients and their outcomes in our care.  This process is completely confidential and the information is stored in a secure and protected database.  If you have questions about this process or are concerned about your privacy, please feel free to discuss this matter with your midwives.